When a Watch Is No Longer a Tool for Telling Time

Max Stuhrling was a master watchmaker from Switzerland in the late eighteen hundreds. In 1999, a business company was founded in New York City which primary products are watches and accessories. Sturhrling is the name of the company and the founder Chaim Fischer got the name from Mr. Stuhrling.

For ordinary people a watch could just be a thing for giving or telling time but for skillful watchmaker like Stuhrling, it is an artwork which is to be admired upon. From time immemorial, the watch has become a representation of one's status and wealth. This type of luxury is available to the elite in the society. Because of technology, the watch became common to many. Anyone can have a watch on his hand today. However, there are few people longing to capture again the old spirit of the century of making watch. It is because of such cravings that manufacturers have developed watches that have the old version inspiration presented in a modern technology. If you have read a Stuhrling watch review for example, you would seed those timepieces that are masterfully crafted and designed in a modern technology. You can see how stuhrling watches are at the forefront of the renaissance and the rebirth of a certain time. There are thousands of sturhrling watch models that have been developed and carry the trademark history of horology.

Check on this page and you will see sample of watches that features timepieces. They are skeletonized and have movements which are automatic. Its homage is to the early nineteen hundreds when production of skeleton watch occurred. There are watches that are flourished in the thirties and forties. Most of these watches have triple-step bezel.

The producer of such watches shows its great deal of work in its creativity, dedication and passion. The three qualities are vital to reach high quality standards in producing watch models. The design of each watch product started from scratch. Then the idea was put into paper. From the paper is what they called as rendering and then finally, from rendering to a reality. You can be assured that Sthurling uses materials high in quality. The materials are custom-molded silicone rubber straps, genuine alligator or crocodile straps, surgical-grain stainless steel and movements of Swiss people. You may go here to see samples.

The designs you will see really make a statement. They tell the people that you are never in fear of development and progress. They are watches that say that they are not accessories merely for telling time but they are personality extensions of the one wearing them. You may want to go here and learn more about stuhrling watches.